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To find out more about volunteering in your community or lending a helping hand to the Coteau Volunteer Fire Department, stop by our General Membership Meeting on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM held at Coteau Station 1. Ask to speak to a fire ground officer to answer any questions you may have and get an application.

Once your application is received, the Coteau Volunteer Fire Department will verify all information to be correct and perform a background check. If all comes back satisfactory, the Fire Chief presents the application to the Department Board for consideration as a probationary member. After 3 months of probationary service, the board reviews the activity of the probationary member and if all requirements are met, the probationary member is presented to the General Membership of the department for voting in as a member of the department. Once obtaining a full membership with the Coteau Volunteer Fire Department, New Members will receive specialized training in several areas of the fire service, support roles and volunteer service.

Stop by today for more information!!!



We are always looking for people to join our organization!

Whether you have previous fire fighting/ medical experience or not; we are looking for you.

Small rural departments need support people as well from all walks of life. Department operations require the following skills:

Fire Fighters

Medical First Responders


Grass Cutters

Hose Testers

Traffic Directors



Book Keepers

Bee Keepers……

The list goes on and on.


We are missing "U"!


Online Application

Date of Birth
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Cell Carrier
e-mail address
Address of Employer
What is your work schedule?
High School
Date Graduated
College or Technical School Attended
Degree or Field of Study
Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact Number
What is the relationship?
Any Military Experience?
Please explain
Any Previous Firfightng/EMS Experience
Where did you receive this experience?
Please List Certifications or Licenses
Any Health Issues that would limit your participation?
Have you been arrested or convicted of a crime
If yes, Please Explain
Tell us why you want to be a member of the Coteau Fire Department.

You will be required to provide the Coteau Volunteer Fire Department with a current background check through the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana State Police, or any other recognized law enforcement agency.