Coteau Fire Protection Bureau

In August of 2018, the Coteau Fire Prevention Bureau was created Coteau Fire Protection District with cooperation by Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government and the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office 

The Bureau currently has eight Fire Inspectors, all whom are certified by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office; six certified Fire Investigators; and nine certified Public Education professionals. 

These professionals provide:   

  • Inspections of all structures, except one and two-family dwellings and movables, for the purpose of reducing or eliminating fire hazards through fire and life safety code enforcement.  
  • The safe installation and maintenance of automatic and other fire alarm systems, and fire extinguishing equipment; 
  • Provide for proper water supply through the placement and regulation of fire hydrants and fire department connections; 
  • The means and adequacy of ingress and egress by fire department personnel, in case of fire or emergency, to and from buildings and all other places in which numbers of persons work, live, or assemble from time to time for any purpose; 
  • The investigation of the origin, cause, and circumstances of every fire occurring within the Coteau Fire Protection District to determine if the fire was a result of carelessness, design or an intentional act;  
  • Information and outreach education on matters of fire safety.

For more information, feel free to contact our office at 985-868-4355